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Providing a lasting investment in the future of our children
through quality fundraising programs.


Here's what we do for you on a schoolwide fundraising sale so you don't have to do it:

    • Help you decide which type of product will work best in your community. We advise, you choose.

    • Design a parent/student letter to explain the project, give the dates, and promote the prize program.  Your input is valued in our design process.

    • Work with your school office to get teacher's names and grades and enrollments so we can count out materials.

    • Print your parent/student letter after you have approved it.

    • Collate your brochures, order forms, parent letters, prize flyers into student sets.  We typically use see-through "doorknob bags." 

    • Count out all the materials for each homeroom or other grouping for easy distribution.

    • Put the materials in a see-through drawstring bag for each classroom, including full instructions, a class goal chart, a teacher free goods wish list, and any other material that is being used to promote the sale.  These are generally given to teachers at the kickoff pep rally for distribution at the end of the school day.

    • Provide a kickoff pep rally.  If you are within 3 hours driving distance we will do this in an in-person assembly.  If you are outside our driving area we will provide a kickoff DVD for broadcast over your school media system, or can put it on the internet for in-home download.

    • Provide our exclusive "money book" for your use in recording receipts.  This is yours to keep as an audit trail for your project.  It also helps you with your financial records, and is a handy record of orders picked up.  It is your choice whether to use it or to use some other method such as an excel spreadsheet to keep track of receipts.

    • Provide a suggested mid-sale send home note to keep things on track.

    • Provide a time table for you to use in doing the various activities involved in the project.

    • Provide a daily motivational program that is easy to administer and gets results.

    • Computer tally your order.  Most tallying is done by the pack houses and most have a verification method built into their system

    • Pull each seller's order, with supermarket-style scanning to verify accuracy of the order.

    • Box the orders with labels on each box indicating which student's order(s) are in the box. 

    • If a student sells enough items the student gets a full box.  Small orders are bagged with several orders in a box.

    • Set up your delivery with a common carrier truck line.  In most cases we can set a delivery date when we set up the sale, and print the product pickup date and time on your parent/student letter that goes home on launch day. With some carriers (mostly frozen) we can specify a delivery window of 1 to 2 hours.

    • Promptly handle any missing or damaged items.  Usually these are minimal to none. Just email the correction sheet to us and we'll handle it.

    • Offer discount for prompt payment of invoice.

    • AND our toll free number goes directly to Bob's iPhone so he is only 10 digits away at any time.  And he has voicemail which he checks regularly. Many items can also be handled by email. 

    • And if there's anything else we haven't mentioned, we probably do that too. Just ask.