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Spring order takers.

Each year we offer a different catalog collection for Spring.  Our catalog contains the type of items people in your community are already buying from mail-order catalogs.  The time to plan for a Spring sale is in October or November; then you will be ready to go when the time comes! Request a sample catalog and see how easily your group can profit from this market opportunity. Our catalogs always include a delicious assortment of chocolates, and often include flower bulbs, home accents, stationery items, quality gifts, and gift wrapping supplies.

Click here to see our 2013 SIMPLY SPRING catalog from Club's Choice. It can be combined with "Today's Favorites" frozen pizza and cookie dough, Zap-A-Snack pizza, Bakery Fresh Cookies, Mixes to Fix, Irrestible Treats, or a Gluten Free brochure. This is a pdf document and may show in this window or may be downloaded to view in Adobe Viewer or Preview.


Click here to see our 2013 MICHAEL ANDREW brochure full of kitchen items, with flower bulbs, magazines, chocolates, jewelry and home accents.  This is a pdf document.

Click here to see our 2013 all $6 GREETING SPRING catalog, filled with award-winning cheeses and chocolates from Wisconsin. This is a pdf documen.

Also see our frozen food and cookie dough offerings.  They sell great any time of the year. 

Spring Flower Bulbs also are wonderful programs.  They sell well and the bulbs multiply in the ground and become more valuable year by year. 

We offer you products you will be proud to deliver at prices people will gladly pay.

Our mission is to make it easy for you to succeed in your fundraising efforts, over and over, year after year.

Bob Moody, Fundraising Consultant

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