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Cookie Dough!
Spoon and Bake in pails or pre-portioned "break'em and bake'em" in boxes.
We taste tested them all at the fundraising trade show and chose the best!

Our Premium Collection Tub Cookie Dough is "shelf stable" at room temperature (70 degrees F) for
up to 21 days. It is made with ultra-pasteurized eggs, and the recipe has no water, as all moisture comes from the eggs and the shortening. No need to keep it frozen, so your program is much easier and you don't have to fear frozen items. Shipped frozen so it can be kept up to a year in the freezer if desired, but most folks will bake up all their cookies right away! Product is shipped in cases of 6 tubs per flavor for easy distribution with a two-week turnaround on orders or it can be packed per student with a 3 week turnaround for orders.  This program can be sold any time of the year.

.  Extras will sell quickly.   Click on the brochure cover to download a pdf of the brochure in another window.

Mrs. Field's Cookies are well-known for wonderful taste and texture.  The name brand makes the sale.  These cookies are made with real eggs and real butter.  Therefore they have to be kept frozen.  For delivery purposes after you receive them they can stay out of the freezer about 6 hours.  These cookies are pre-portioned and boxed.  Just break and bake.  Mrs. Fields Cookie Dough is shipped in full cases for easy distribution. With a smaller number of items, and items that are large it is as easy to pull the product as people come to pick it up as it is to hunt through and find a prepacked box.  You can sell off the extras for extra profit.  They will sell very quickly.  .  Click on the brochure cover to download a pdf of the brochure in another window.


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