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Pine River's "Snack Favorites

When you need money quickly in a tight economy, the Snack Favorites Program is your best bet.  Priced at only $5, these delicious snacks, cheeses, sausages, and chocolates will sell amazingly well in any community. A $6 version is also available.  Pre-pack of products per seller is included, so it is appropriate for large groups as well as small groups and clubs. Since chocolate items are included, we suggest that this program be delivered late October through early April. Turnaround on Pine River programs is very quick.  Click on the brochure cover to download a pdf of the brochure in another window.


Trophy Nut programs:

If you are selling in warm weather and want to avoid chocolate, we also offer"Smart Snacks" from Trophy nut.  This brochure is priced with all items at $7. There are 12 bagged snack items, including one sugar-free hard candy, several snack mixes, and several nut items. You tally your order and give us the totals. This product is shipped quickly to the piece for you to hand out.  Distribution is easy because there are only 12 items.  This is great for a quick sale or a summer project.  It sells quickly because of the low price, survives in hot weather, and is easy to administer. This is a great program for daycares, bands and cheer groups to sell in late Spring, Summer or early Fall when it is too warm to ship chocolate items. This program is also ideal where nutritional guidelines rule out chocolate items.

Click on the brochure cover to download a pdf of the brochure in another window. 


If you want to offer a large variety of items and don't mind tallying and distributing from a bulk order, we also offer "Snackin' in the USA" from Trophy Nut.  It includes chocolate items as well as nuts, pretzels dipped in chocolate, trail mixes, and other snack items, all in foil bags.  Click here to download a pdf of "Snackin In the USA" in another window.

Turnaround on Trophy Nut items is very quick.